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Over the years we have enabled the most impactful research for leading organizations across the globe. Our rich panel of experts and respondents with multi-language capabilities make it easier for our clients to depend on the most accurate insights being delivered, every single time.


Our extensive experience in B2B and B2C Market Research Data Collection cuts across multiple verticals in more than 30 countries. We use the latest survey technologies under the stewardship of multi-skilled market research professionals to field studies that conform to the highest level of quality. We leverage our offshore-based delivery model with NAM and EU based account management resources to provide our clients with solutions that are both scalable and cost-effective. Our in house interviewers conduct surveys globally - Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific with the help of foreign language resources.


Proven techniques are deployed to derive the best results

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Computer Assisted
Web Interviewing

Primarily used for time-intensive interviews or high-profile respondents using a web link after thorough due diligence and verification.

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Computer Assisted
Telephonic Interviewing

Conducted by our in-house team of experts with a keen focus on data quality, working closely with the clients.



We have a dedicated highly skilled team for conducting in depth interviews with high level/hard to reach respondents. Mindforce Research can meet your need for deeper insight into various behaviours and decision processes through in-depth interviewing techniques. We can also assist with the preparation of discussion guides for these interviews. Our research team uses innovative techniques during interviewing to probe deeply held motivations, attitudes and beliefs that often play a major role in market choices than the rational explanations provided by the respondents.

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These one-on-one interviews are conducted by phone or in-person across multiple geographies. We have In-depth interviewers who are well experienced to interview experts from specific industries.

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Our experts are fully equipped while conducting focus group discussions. We have the capabilities to recruit as well as moderate any discussion. Online focus group discussion In person focus group discussion.

We are committed to bringing out quality inputs from our respondents through innovative probing mechanisms

Some best practices we enforce

Exclusive consumer and business panels
Exclusive consumer and
business panels
Exclusive consumer and business panels
Daily client updates via
reportal links
Exclusive consumer and business panels
Dedicated experienced
project manager
Exclusive consumer and business panels
before final kick-off
Exclusive consumer and business panels
100+ Dedicated
cati centers

We have successfully completed thousands of interviews with hard-to-reach audiences globally.

We believe in partnering with our clients

We are keen to connect with you and discover the next big insight for you

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