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We are driven by integrity, transparency and a dedicated spirit of service with our clients and among our team members

Mindforce has established an environment where seasoned industry professionals work to ensure a good client experience and those new to the industry can find a career path fostered by some of the industry’s best at what they do.

Our Team

David Lemelin
David Lemelin Executive VP - Global Strategy & Business Development
Anupam Srivastav
Anupam Srivastav Director - Research & Client Services
Colin Pearce
Colin Pearce Head of Strategy and Business Development – UK & Europe
Mohit Beri
Mohit Beri Associate Sales Director – APAC, Middle East and Africa
Rafael Erijimovich
Rafael Erijimovich Senior Sales Manager
Avnish Raghav
Avnish Raghav Associate Director – Survey Programming and Data Processing
Gurmukh Singh
Gurmukh Singh Senior Manager – Research Services
Somil Sharma
Somil Sharma Senior Manager – Research Services
Rasika Bhargava
Rasika Bhargava Senior Manager – Research Services
Shikha Manohar
Shikha Manohar Senior Manager – Research Services
Ritika Narang
Ritika Narang Assistant Manager – Research Services
Majaguiru Longmei
Majaguiru Longmei Assistant Manager – Research Services
Vineet Singh
Vineet Singh Senior Manager – Data Quality
Kapil Raj Jha
Kapil Raj Jha Assistant Manager – Online Panel Services
Arushi Jain
Arushi Jain Team Leader – Research Services
Tauseef Rahman
Tauseef Rahman Team Lead – Research Services
Jayashankar Nair
Jayashankar Nair Team Lead – Research Services
Harish Saini
Harish Saini Team Lead – Research Services
Amanda Sorsdahl
Amanda Sorsdahl Executive Sales Assistant
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